not a nightmare, at all

Sometimes things looks harder than they really are

I still remember how I felt on 2011 when I was trying to decide if to apply or not, to a yoga teacher training “Me as a yoga teacher?” Come on, imposible!

I didn’t was conscious how was that I really applied and also, finished it.  After that on my way back home I just decided to forgot it (no more yoga for Fe) A few years after, I was back in India, this time to a new training but now, as a yoga teacher (always a student). So what happen?

I would love to be able to tell you all about it! But I didn’t realise when I was stepping into a mat and introducing myself as a yoga instructor. I guess that when you just release all your fears and obstacles, magic just comes out.

After that and a few more trainings, I still can’t realised when was that moment, when yoga decided for me to be a new path and a new way of living and I just let it do it.

Sometimes, let’s be  honest … I’m so scared.

Friends ask me … “Fe, how can you paid all your bills being just a yoga teacher?” and I- know that part of that answer comes to my former job as a Therapist.

I’m still trying to build a new reality for my life, in were yoga could be my principal job. I know that could be possible, with hard work, being persistent and loving what I do (and that’s the harder part, not every day is a full roses field) But also I don’t want to miss my connection with others in the therapy wave, where everything is a new chapter to discover.

I think, that as everyone. I do have my fears and my job shits; insecurities and stubbornness. But I also really believe that Im able to do whatever I want to, because I can, I feel wise (most of the time) and Im trying always to be more honest and kind with myself.

But of what I’m sure, is that the only way to surfer all of them is doing what we love. Even if the way looks scary, dark or cold. So next time that you my dear feel a bit scared about your job, your future or just of what you are doing now, ask to yourself … Do I really love what I’m doing and of what Im suffering for?

Also, not everything is yellow or grey!

I think that if we really want a change we need to accept our both sides … after all, it’s what makes us human.


I would love to hear your story.

Do your shit and feel your freedom!

Love y’all.


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